A great Investor Opportunity to Fund 1st & 2nd Mortgages with Australia's best secured business lender.

Investing in 1st and 2nd Mortgages with HomeSec is all about Safety, Security and Transparency.

Looking for a High Yield “set & forget” investment opportunity where your money is secured against real estate, just like what a bank does?

An investment where you don’t have to monitor share prices every day (or night if on overseas markets), and don’t have the hassles of staff, infrastructure, asset depreciation, advertising, etc, etc.

You’ve already made your money. Now you just want to enjoy life and enjoy a return of 12%pa to 18%pa on your money, with full control.

We are one of Australia’s largest private business lenders. 

This investment opportunity where you co-fund 1st and 2nd mortgages will earn exceptional interest on your idle capital, without the risk.

We work with high net worth individuals, companies, self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and trusts seeking an exceptional return on their capital. 

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This Investor Opportunity is about Safety, Transparency, and Great Returns !

The secured mortgage loans we fund are from 1 – 12 months.  Your returns are directly linked to the retail interest rate offered to the borrower.  The higher the rate, the better the return to you.

Transparency & Control

You have control of your funds at all times

Solid Returns

Returns of between 12%pa to 18%pa


We have been lending to businesses since 2004


All loans are secured against real estate

Why Not Try & Do It Yourself, and not through us?

We see it all the time… 

A person has a lazy 1 or 2 million dollars to lend, and they try and get the loans direct from the public and from finance brokers.

Fraudsters see newcomers a mile off and the newbie gets inundated with new loan applications. They think “wow this was easy”, only to find out after they have funded the loans that they are all “dodgy” or fraudulent, and are ones HomeSec and other experienced lenders have rejected. 

Plus people cannot buy our 50 point Due Diligence Checklist off the shelf. It has taken 20+ years to develop, and coupled with a team of highly experienced staff, we don’t miss anything. You would be amazed what we look for and find when assessing a loan, which most people (even experienced bankers) have missed.

Isn't it time you found out more about this unique investor opportunity?

This 2 minute video explains what investors can expect, & what is involved when funding secured short term business loans with us.

Start enjoying secure returns of between 12%pa to 18%pa right now.


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