Choosing to Invest With Us Verses Buying a Business or Franchise

With us, there are none of the problems which are listed above. Plus, rather than working long hours and worrying about sales revenue and profitability, our investors simply sit back and let us do all the work. It is just so simple.

PLUS our investors money is secured directly against the borrowers real estate asset. So you are never wondering where your money has gone. You know exactly what your money is secured against, as well as all of the other information that we have gathered in our due diligence and decision making process.

Best of all, you enjoy returns of between 9% per annum to 23% per annum, with virtually zero expense. So avoid the high risk road of small business and franchises, and come and chat with us.

Some potential and existing investors have stumbled upon us when they were looking for a business or a franchise to buy. They were ready to invest over $500,000 to buy into what we know can be a life riddled with drama and complexity. Sure, some franchises work out well and the franchisee goes from strength to strength. Sadly, these outcomes are the minority.

Many franchisees face all kinds of challenges with their new investment, such as…

  • Staff issues
  • Landlord issues
  • Franchisor/Franchisee disputes
  • Business competition
  • Reputation damage
  • Customer complaints
  • Unforseen problems which cause a downturn in earnings (eg: weather events)
  • Long hours
  • and the list goes on and on…

Then there is the risk of the franchise business that you are investing into not being quite what it seems.

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