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The best part about this kind of investment is it is simple.  You are not left wondering as to how things work, and your Return on Investment or the security of your funds is not dependent on a whole heap of things going exactly right….. which is what you see with a lot of investments.    Our offering is simple, straight forward, and simply works… week after week, month after month, and year after year…. as it has been since 2004.

Investment Opportunities

Best of all, you have discretion on which loans you want to fund and which loans you don’t want to fund. The HomeSec team carries out full due diligence on each loan application, and on the ones that pass our rigorous test. We collate the due diligence pack and email though to you for your assessment (and for your own due diligence). If you like the loan and are comfortable with it, we prepare the loan agreement in your name, the borrower signs the loan agreement in the presence of their solicitor, and then upon return of the executed loan agreements, we lodge the caveat or mortgage, and the loan is settled.

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