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Since commencing operations back in 2004, we have funded hundreds of millions of dollars in short term business loans. All of which are secured by prime real estate across Australia.  We’re HomeSec Business Finance, and we provide a fast, innovative business finance solution. We provide these solutions to business borrowers who are seeking fast commercial bridging finance. 

Due to increased demand from our clients seeking our loans, and due to the slow trunaround times from the major banks, we are not able to meet the demand with our own resources.  As such, we’re seeking assistance from private sophisticated investors to become funders with us.

Who Is Australia's Largest Short Term Business Lender?

It’s HomeSec! So let talk a bit about us

Our basic loan terms are 1 – 12 months only.  Our Business partners and sophisticated investors receive solid and attractive returns for the term of each loan they fund or co-fund.

Currently in Australia, lending money to Businesses, secured by Commercial Property Assets and/or Chattels, remains a wholly unregulated business. So potential co-funders do not need to worry about Credit Licenses, Accreditations or specific legal requirements to advance funds.

With the fall-out of the Banking Royal Commission still lingering, this has reduced liquidity due to a tightened Banking Sector.  There has arguably never been a better time for investors to place funds into traditional style commercial mortgages. These loans have the ability, if managed properly from the outset, to provide Investors with excellent returns over both short and medium terms.  All of our loans are secured against real property assets (real estate) via 1st and/or 2nd Registered Mortgages.

We take care of everything, from sourcing of quality loans, and the loan due diligence process, draw down requirements, day-to-day loan management, and exit strategy.

So it’s all taken care of for you!


In most cases, we issue Letters of Offer to clients or their broker within 2 working hours of having received their completed application.   Once we have received the signed letter of Offer back, along with any supporting documents that may have been requested, we have legal documents ready within 4 to 5 working hours. Depending on the speed of the client, we can generally settle within 24 hours.

In addition, we keep the client & broker informed at every stage. Brokerage is paid within 24 hours of settlement*.   (*If a broker is acting for the borrower.*)

Many short term lenders base their operations practices on what they want to happen and when they want it to happen not what the broker or client wants.

It’s clear to us that brokers and clients want genuine speed, simplicity, transparency, and a company that does what it says it will do. We know from market research and feed back, that many short term lenders make bold promises. But in reality they are slow, and have complex and disorganised procedures which change from day to day.

We’re not the kind of company hoping to use investors funds to fund loans. 

In lending, there is no experience like lending your OWN hard earned money. It can be a nerve wracking time if you don’t know what you are doing. It is the “moment of truth” when you hit the button to transfer the funds….. NOT something you take lightly. Well that is how we deal with our investors funds as well. As we pick up the legal bill for litigation if a loan were to go off track, and as we don’t get our split of the interest if the loan were to go off track, our heart is in every deal you fund…. both mentally and financially.

Often we will fund a loan 50/50 with a new or existing investor, just to further prove how committed we are, and how confident we are in each loan we approve.

In a section of the finance industry which was once riddled with cowboys and crooks. We have gone out of our way to set ourselves apart from the others. This is achieved by being open and transparent, freely advertising our office address (not just a PO Box) is just one example.

We pride ourselves on being courteous and understanding. 

Short Term Lending is the high stress end of the finance market, and we understand that clients in particular are quite often not their usual happy selves. HomeSec is very protective of it’s good name in the market place, and we go out of our way to meet peoples expectations, without promising something that we simply can’t deliver.

The Australian Short Term Lenders Association (ASTLA) is the new self regulating governing body for Short Term Lenders across Australia. Myself, along with four other major short term lenders band together in 2010 to found ASTLA. The role of the association is to ensure members act in accordance with a Code of Conduct. It also assists the Government in regulating this end of the finance market. This is to ensure only professional & ethical lenders remain. Membership is open to all short term lenders who are able to meet the high standards and tough entry criteria of the Association. We strongly recommend borrowers only deal with ASTLA Members, of which HomeSec Business Finance is proud to be one of those members.

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