1. All loans are secured against real estate. (just like a bank does)

2. The loan is in your name as the caveator / mortgagee, so you are not investing into our company. Instead you are investing into each loan you choose to fund. (as the lender)

3. All loans are only for a short term of 1 to 12 months, meaning there is not much chance of property values shifting significantly in such a short space of time… meaning great protection for you.

4. All loans are recoverable through the Court system in every state of Australia, should a borrower fail to repay.

Best of all, you have discretion on which loans you want to fund and which loans you don’t want to fund. The HomeSec team carries out full due diligence on each loan application, and on the ones that pass our rigorous test. We collate the due diligence pack and email though to you for your assessment (and for your own due diligence). If you like the loan and are comfortable with it, we prepare the loan agreement in your name, the borrower signs the loan agreement in the presence of their solicitor, and then upon return of the executed loan agreements, we lodge the caveat or mortgage, and the loan settles.


The first and most obvious benefit is that you are getting your loans fully assessed by one of Australia’s largest short term business lenders.  As opposed to going to the expense of getting new loans yourself, then having to assess them yourself, you have the benefit of HomeSec’s expertise.  We will only send through loans that we would fund ourselves.   

What makes that committment so believable ?   Because we pay the legal costs on any loans that may go into default, AND because the majority of our profit is only made when the loan is repaid.  So apart from ruining a good relationship with a funder, it makes no sense to put a bad or borderline loan forward for you to fund.

We have a very large annual advertising budget, and have well over 1000 Accredited Finance Brokers across Australia, introducing loans to us, so unless you are prepared to spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on marketing, spend years building a reputable brand, and employ a team of finance & legal professionals to field all the enquiries and process the applications, manage the loans, etc, then we are THE ANSWER FOR YOU!
You also benefit from our years of experience, our fraud detection procedures, our vast network of contacts… which all helps to ensure you are not the target of fraudsters.  Plus we use a team of well established and experienced law firms right across Australia.  Our lawyers in each state of Australia all specialise in mortgage and property law, so we ensure we get it right every time.

So at the end of a 1 month, 2 month, 3 month or 4 month loan, your return of the per month interest is realised when the loan is paid back.  As you are earning interest, GST IS NOT PAYABLE ON THIS RETURN… which makes it an even better deal again.  (Note:  Your principal and your interest is paid DIRECTLY back to your bank account… not to us)

Should you no longer wish to fund loans, you simply advise us and we will cease forwarding further loan applications.  Any loans you have funded will mature inside a month or two, and then your money is liquid again.

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